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Driving Tips

Here are some tips to prepare for your test

  • Before driving a car you need to do a simple safety check.  Turn on the headlights and walk around the vehicle to ensure that all lights are in working order.  Also check your blinkers for proper operation.  Look for any fluid leaks or things hanging from the vehicle.  Check to be sure that the tires are properly inflated 
  • When you get into a vehicle adjust all the mirrors and seats before placing the key in the ignition.  To properly adjust the left mirror place your head against the left window and adjust the mirror so you just see the left side of the car.  For the right side move your head towards the center of the vehicle and adjust the right mirror in the same way. When you are sitting correctly in the driver's seat you will not be able to see your vehicle but your blind spots will be greatly reduced!
  • Always wear your seatbelts.  Always drive with your headlights on even during daytime hours. 
  • When stopping at a stop sign be sure to feel the car move backward and spell S-T-O-P to yourself before proceeding.  Always turn your head to look left, then right, then left again before proceeding .
  • When a light turns green, look left, right , straight ahead, then left again before proceeding through the light.  Notice all vehicles and ensure that someone else is not going to run the red light.
  • Keep your eyes moving.  Notice what is happening on the sides of the road and check behind you through your mirrors every 6 to 8 seconds.
  • Expect the other drivers to make mistakes and think what you would do if a mistake does happen.  For example, do not assume that a vehicle coming to a stop sign is going to stop.  Be ready to react if it does not stop.  Never cause an accident on purpose, even if a pedestrian or another vehicle fails to give you the right-of-way.
  • Remember as your speed increases so does your braking distance.  If you double your speed you quadruple your braking distance.  If you double the weight of your vehicle, you double the stopping distance.

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